"In Praise of Pecans"

Written by June Jackson, a native Louisianian, the book is a paean to our "Native American Nut." Celebrating the fact that the pecan is the only tree nut native to our country – all others having been imported – In Praise of Pecans both educates and entertains.

From the Introduction, which wistfully recalls Ms. Jackson’s childhood spent picking out pecans for her mother’s candymaking, to the candid discussion of the health aspects of pecans, the author evokes nostalgia and a desire to cook with pecans in order to improve our health.

Other than its delectable flavor, an important trait of the pecan is its adaptability. Jackson’s compendium of more than 100 sumptuous recipes includes the use of pecans in all categories of cooking. The reader will enjoy encounters with Appetizers, Salads, "Sides," Entrees, Breads and Desserts, written in a clear, concise style. As a bonus, each recipe includes a little story or anecdote that enhances one’s use of the recipes.

Anyone concerned with his health should read and use this book, as Ms. Jackson clearly has found delicious ways to improve our diets with the daily incorporation of nutritious "doses" of pecans – and their oil. To enhance the cook/reader’s enjoyment of her book, In Praise of Pecans is laden with artistic food photography by Watt M. Casey, Jr. This book is a treat to the eye as well as to the mind and palate.

Recipes & Recollections by June Jackson
Photography by Watt Casey, Jr.
8" x 8" / 176 pages
75 photographs / 100 recipes
August 2007
"In Praise of Pecans"
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